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Breastfeeding Your Baby. .

Everyone tells you that breastfeeding is best - but why?

  • It contains all the nutrients baby will need.
  • Breast milk contains antibodies which help baby to fight infections.
  • It is more digestible, so baby is less liable to be diagnosed with from diarrhea or other stomach upsets.

Breastfeeding is good for mom too.

  • It burns off about 500 calories a day by using your body's fat which was put on to help you breastfeed.
  • Breastfeeding triggers the renunciation of the womb.

It's also free! When you think of how much diapers are going to cost, don't turn down a freebie!

How Do I Do It?

Your baby is born with a 'sucking reflex' which is chiefly brawny in the first few action of life.

  • Hold baby with her tummy towards you and with her body in a above-board line. Brush your nipple alongside anti her lips to encourage her to open her mouth.
  • Make sure she takes the areola in her mouth as well as the nipple or else the milk won't flow.
  • Your breast holds two types of milk: foremilk which is thinner and quenches her thirst, and hind milk which is thicker and helps her to put on weight.
  • Let her feed for as long as she wants. If you think she has complete but she has not at large the breast (maybe she's fallen asleep), gently push your barely handle into the area of her mouth to break the suction.
  • At the next feed, offer the other breast first.
  • Problems

    • Engorgement - Most customary 3 or 4 days after

      birth. Your breasts overfill with milk, creation them feel heavy and hard. Your milk construction will maybe alight down after a few days; try expressing a barely milk already feeds.

    • Blocked duct - maybe caused by engorgement; try offering the pretentious breast first when baby's sucking is strongest - this may clear the blockage. Keep your nipples clean and wear a well-fitting bra.
    • Sore nipple - Can be caused by baby incorrectly latching on. Try friction milk on the nipple after a feed.

    Author: Tony Luck who runs a site with counsel for moms-to-be and new moms. Incorporated is the fascinating Chinese Pregnancy Calendar which allegedly tells you whether the baby you're having a baby will be a boy or girl, and a Conception Chart to tell you when baby is expected.

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