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There's an endemic in our culture. Have you heard of the 'fear of breakdown flu?'

Early symptoms add in boiling palms and a knot in the stomach. Those in the middles stages of the 'disease' have an intense focus on 'resume building' -- children's behavior are no longer for fun but develop into deeds that will come what may break free some central coming claim from the rest of the pack. A form of paralysis (that keeps kids from annoying new belongings at which they might not instantnly excel) is a symptom only detectable in the later stages of the disease.

Parents who want to teach kids to value attempt for its own sake start with themselves. They start with their own fears. Each one fails from time to time; when we don't it's often since we're not stretching far enough!

To protect your kids agains the 'fear of breakdown flu' a cautious self examination may be in order. After all, to thrive, a virus needs a mover and a friendly environment. As parents, it's importnat that we take steps to make sure we're not 'carriers' of the very deeds we're demanding to help our kids avoid!

For example, if you're too hard on physically when you 'come up short' do you hide that fact from your children? Could you, instead, share the fact that you -- and they -- are human beings with a lot to learn and there will continually be times in life when we fail at amazing we care about? There is depth in erudition to view setbacks as learning.

Which outlook is supported by the background that your kids are in?

Andrea Patten, LADC is the co-author of What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adult Achievement now accessible on Amazon. com

For more in a row about the Four Foundations, or to book Andrea to speak to your group, delight visit http://www. whatkidsneedtosucceed. com

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