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10 ways to make toilet exercise fun & exciting - babies-toddler


Blue & Blonde Make Green - Put a few drops of blue food complexion in the toilet and show your child that the color turns green when he or she pees!

Potty Targets - Acquire or make toilet targets to teach your child to aim. Cheerio's are a cheap different and work just as well.

Musical Potty Chair - Musical chairs, such as the Chime Toonz, play a tune when your child uses the potty!

Potty Guidance Doll - Anatomically accepted drink & wet dolls, such as the Corolle or Aquini dolls, help make potty education fun and easy. These dolls can be used with Dr. Phil's Potty Education Method.

Potty Instruction Watch - Make potty time reminders fun and exciting with the VibraLite potty instruction watch. The VibraLite watch can be set to pulse every 30 follow-up as a fun reminder that it's time to sit on the potty!

Books, Videos, & DVDs - Potty instruction bedtime stories, videos and DVDs are a fun and didactic way to establish toilet exercise to your child.

Charts & Stickers - Potty guidance charts and stickers are great motivational tools. Start by charitable stickers for session on the potty. After a while, give stickers only when your child uses the potty. Finally, offer a small toy as a reward for 3 bump free days.

Fun Potty Education Pants - Potty guidance pants and liners come in fantastic flag and customarily appear your child's superhero. Let your child his or her education pants or underwear.

Phone Call From Superhero - Reward your child for using the potty with a phone call from his or her superhero. Enroll links or neighbors to play the part.

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