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Your friend's having a baby. What an exciting time for her! You, the best buddy, have a hardly work ahead, however. You need to bring together all together her associates and ancestors for a baby shower. You need to ascertain who to invite, pick out some great invitations, decide on the location, the date and time, the decorations, munchies and, of course, ascertain what you're going to do for fun while celebrating the birth of your buds first wee one.

Generally, you don't need to go out and rent a hall for a baby shower. You maybe have invited 10-20 of the mother-to-be's bordering contacts and clearly you, or a big cheese else, can accommodate the group in your home.

The step-by-step administer for baby shower planning:

  • At least two months prior to baby shower day make your list of whom you're going to invite.
  • Determine your party theme.
  • Buy or coin and then mail out the invitations.
  • Plan the decorations, drinks and games.
  • Enjoy your party.

There are no civil liberties or wrongs in creating a baby shower theme. The idea is to give baby-to-be prize on mom and to have fun. You might decide on a theme about a bit that the mom-to-be is above all attracted in, such as tennis or classical music. Perchance the baby's room is before now bedecked in a In tatters Ann and Andy motif. There is your theme!

Let's take the aforementioned Frayed Ann and Andy as an example. You could award with new or used Frayed dolls. You could give baby dolls as game prizes, afford Dirty Ann and Andy cookies or cake as refreshments, and let balloons that look like these two beloved typescript run rampant.

Wouldn't it be fun, too, if you costumed by hand to look like Dirty Ann, and found a group to dress up as In tatters Andy!

While you can, of course, get on the phone and basically call everyone, or even e-mail the invitations, it's in all probability best to mail out ceremonial invitations. An charismatic challenge may befit a reminder for those close to the hopeful mother.

While there are definitely a countless amount of local sitting room to buy pre-packaged welcoming cards, such as Feature stores, Kmart, Wal-Mart and the like, it may be awkward to find cards coherent with any theme you've elected for the baby shower.

If you or your aid is creative, however, you could write and aim the invitations yourself. Adequate of low cost salutation card software is available. Salutation Card Factory, at $29. 95, for example, provides 5000 ready-made cards, 25,000 graphics to conceive your own adapted card, 3400 already-prepared sentimental mail and more than 300 fonts. You can hunt online for welcoming card software or make a quick trip to Bureau Max, Staples or akin suppliers and browse their many options.

Your invitations ought to consist of the following:

  • Who the party is for (and don't disregard to name dad too).
  • Your name as host, and your phone amount for directions.
  • Your address.
  • The day, date and time of the baby shower.
  • The theme of the party.
  • RSVP card with self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Do give guidance on dress - just a simple, "formal attire," "casual attire," "pool party," or "costumes welcome. "
  • You might even make gift suggestions. If, however, you have a theme, you could just bring to mind that theme-related gifts would be fun and let your guests use their imagination.

Don't not recall to mail those invitations out early - at least six weeks ahead of time is the rule of thumb.

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