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In Bed With Children or Anyone to Know His Place?


Together is preferred

For many parents, it is much more comfortable to sleep in the same bed with the baby, while the mother is still breastfeeding at night. So all sleep more soundly, because not having it happens at night, and placed near the breast, the baby was able to eat and rest almost without waking. If you sleep in the same bed is comfortable for you, but you are worried that you may crush the little creature in her sleep, you could remove one barrier playpen attached to your bed. In this way mother and the baby are very close to each other, yet each in their own space and no risk to push the baby while you sleep.

Private space for everyone

However, there are couples in which the presence of the child in bed interferes with their private life and gradually becomes a serious problem. For others, personal space is really personal, they would not want to admit their children in it. In the third, sleeping in a separate bed from early childhood is an important corrective measure. If your event is listed, you probably looking for a way to take your child, if not in a private room, at least in a separate bed. Approaches for this are varied and depend again on the individual attitudes of parents, household circumstances, temperament of the child and other factors.

Patience and love

A rule should follow in each release of the child - doing it with a lot of patience, love and non-violent. If you prick the process because "no longer stand", you might apply the emotional wound of her child. If he wakes up from nightmares at night, do not give him shelter and calm, because otherwise it is likely to strengthen nightmares. There may be times when your child comes to you every night, but with age, it stops and goes to wake up. If you are a person that is important, "everyone knows his place" and would like to place clear boundaries between your privacy and that of the child, try to explain that it is important for everyone to sleep in their bed.

Do not send him away

It is almost certain that this will not automatically remove the desire of the child to sleep next to you, but he will be aware of your position. If you find it difficult to sleep only in bed, make sure it is no problem to come to you at night if frightened by a nightmare or upset for another reason. Once he woke up in the night, apparently there is some fear, feels lonely or anxious and it is better to send him away. You can go back to bed and try to calm him down there, you stick around with him, but it means more sleep for you. If it is already in a separate room, the child realizes that when asleep, you will leave the room and it will stay again only. This idea will probably prevent him to relax and go to sleep deep, so it's possible to wake up and call you back again soon. Whatever the reason for calling you at night, do not throw it away and do not forbid him to do so, because it will increase the problem. Explain how important it is for everyone to sleep in his own bed, but may, if he wakes up later to come to you. The older the child becomes, the more safely and soundly asleep, so that it will pass.

There's techniques

Here are some tips on smoother separation of the child alone bed or room:

• Offer your child alone to choose new bedding, with designs and colors of his taste.
• Let him use your pillow for a while if he wants. It will probably carry your scent and soothing the child.
• Give it more time before your bedtime. I told him stories or read a book while its nice to relax before sleep. You can sing it if you love to do, it also has a calming effect.
• Provide a small reading lamp or other light lighting that you can leave turned on until the child falls asleep or during the night. Many children are afraid of the dark, so look for the parents, if they wake up alone in the dark at night.
• Often the child is willing to sleep in the parents' bed because it seeks their attention, presence and warmth. You could give them up, taking it in his bed in the morning to pogushkate or play with it. If weekdays this is not possible due to lack of time, do it on the weekends.
• Sometimes the child seeks to present in their parents' bed, because it wants to understand what is happening there when the door is closed. In other words, your child wants to know more about your intimate life. If you are ready to explain to him, do it in simple and understandable words for it.

Energy exchange

From an energy point of view, sharing a bed with the mother is probably a good thing for the baby, because until recently they were connected in one system and it still needs to be in constant contact with his mother, to feel her heart to synchronize breathing with hers. However, when the child is older to fully recover their energy at night, it is better to sleep alone. During sleep is possible energy sheaths (auras) of people sleeping close to each other, to enter into each other or interact in any other way (for example, if a person has a lower energy because of illness or other causes, may literally "suck" the energy of the other during sleep). This prevents good rest and a full energy recharge. The same goes for kids who share a room. Nice is the distance between their beds to be at least two meters. It will sleep more relaxed and awake more refreshed and rested at the morning.

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